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Rodrigo Gamboa and Edward Grigassy

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The Carnaval Guitar Duo began in early 2000, when guitarists Rodrigo Gamboa and Edward Grigassy first met and stayed up late playing Latin favorites at a friend's house.

Though each player is from a different background, the Duo focuses on performing the refined music styles of Latin America: Tango in the traditional Argentine style, Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba, Cuban Son and Guajira, Venezulean Joropo and Vals, Mexican Boleros, and the Bambuco, Cumbia, Porro and Pasillo folk styles of Colombia.

In their many public concerts and private engagements since their first meeting, the Carnaval Guitar Duo has had the opportunity to share their unique perspective on the great art and dance music of Latin America with literally thousands of appreciative listeners. The Duo performs regularly in a variety of venues from school assemblies, educational programs to banquets, parties as well as on concert stages throughout the southern United States.

Both Mr. Gamboa and Mr. Grigassy are founding members of the group Latin Carnaval, a larger ensemble specializing in upbeat dance and art music of the western hemisphere.

To contact Edward Grigassy for more information or for bookings:

Phone: 713.995.1729